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Alright  – I will let you in on one secret of mine that I am not particularly proud of or happy about. Despite regular jogging and exercising, I always gain 2 or 3 kilos during winter. Being a chef/food brand owner and having to test and try the new flavors – doesn’t help either. Although I have been leading paleo lifestyle since 2012 ( to understand what it is click here PALEO LIFESTYLE), I need to violate it frequently as obviously your own product’s quality comes first. Therefore I decided to push myself a little harder this time and see what Shanghai has to offer for ladies who want to stay fit and sexy!The result -our amazing city proved once more that it never disappoints in providing a great variety of activities that not only benefit our health and body but also give us that much needed ‘mental boost’.

 In this post let’s focus on DANCE ABS  WITH JENNIFER LI AT VERSUS


Instructor’s Introduction

Born and Raised in Mauritius, Jennifer Li is a passionate non-conformist. “I have been dancing since 7 years old and can demonstrate skills in various Chinese folklore dance, ballet, contemporary, African, Latin and Indian dances. I want to empower women through dance, I think you can build confidence through movement. When a woman starts moving her body and becomes comfortable with herself and realizes that she can do the steps – it connects her back to life”.

Zumba certified Jennifer with her tropical attitude will make you shake those calories off and you won’t know it! Expect fun dance workouts but don’t trust her smile, you will end up drenched in sweat and an amazing fit and toned body’


Class introduction


Dance Abs is a 60 minute dance-oriented fitness program with a strong focus on the core, with moves that are going to make your ab muscles and obliques work. Music varies from Mauritian sounds, African beats, Indian music,Chinese songs, Billboard top 40 or 90’s music so anyone can find their favorite jam. Jennifer’s barre fitness program is more ballet-oriented than Xtend barre. Jennifer says’ I did ballet my whole,in short it’s a basic ballet class with incorporated toning exercises. I focus on good body posture, muscle control and balance.Repetitions is the key to a toned lean body and Zumba is Zumba, no need to introduce that class’


My personal impression

Jennifer promises and she delivers 150% ! I felt empowered and energized from the first seconds of the session. In less than 10 minutes I was drenched but it was so much fun and I loved the music, so despite the high intensity, the class was over because I knew it.

Jennifer is an extremely motivating coach who pays attention to each and every member of the class. Her energy and spirit are infectious so you will sweat with a smile as she guides you through.

 Check out these  video samples  of how the class looked like!


 I will definitely come back for more!

 Jennifer teaches Dance Abs twice a week. Besides that, she teaches her other classes at Versus every day.

For details contact her by scanning the QR code in the picture below!

Here’s how the offer looks like!

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