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Who am I

My name is Gosia and I come from Poland, but I have spent  a lot of time traveling, working and living in various countries.That developed my flexibility and adaptation skills, and I realized that no matter where you are, you can always make yourself at home.It is just that you need to feel that you are the best version of yourself and it is usually those little things that you use, wear or eat and some personal habits you have, that make you feel this way.When moving to a new place, many people will feel confused at the beginning, having this weird ‘ I don’t fit in’ feeling, especially if you lack elements that make you feel yourself.

I arrived in Shanghai in October 2012 andit didn’t take me a long time to find my way around plus I was also really lucky with all the people I met here,who made my ‘blending’ process easier.

Today I run my own food business – ‘Pierogi Ladies’ (click on this link to find out more about my beloved ‘baby’  pierogiladies.com ) – the first and only Polish food brand in Shanghai  and China together with my fantastic business partner Joanna. I also work as a PR and Community Marketing Manager for Culture Shock Bike Tours ( check out their fantastic off-the-beaten path tours here cultureshocktours.com ) .

 I realize that not every girl who comes to this city of lights might be equally blessed or does not have that much  adapting experience. Shanghai is a huge , international/Chinese metropolis that may overwhelm you from the first minute.But it really IS  possible to tame it.And because I feel I succeded in it, I would like to share my stories and ways as well as the stories of other girls/women who ‘made it’ in China, that could help all of you out there .    My blog focuses on 5 fields :

1) Where and how to find great deals in Shanghai – places where you can buy fine quality things  (clothes, accessories, cosmetics but also digital products,household appliances – everything you need in daily life) or get great service ( hairstylists, beauticians etc) without going bankrupt

2)Promoting healthy lifestyle – healthy products available in Shanghai,my  recipes and ideas that boost the immune system – although Shanghai is an amazing melting pot, the truth is – it is very polluted.So we need to take even double special care of our well being here.And since I actually feel like my health has been at its best these last few years, I want to share my ‘secrets’ I have gathered so far.

3) Chinese slang , basic character and peculiarities of Chinese culture – although Shanghai is an  international,melting pot, many times you won’t getaway without at least basic  knowledge of Mandarin. And it can only help you  gain more respect.It is a
lso important to know a little bit about history, and written as well as  unwritten traditions to go through the ‘culture shock’ period more smoothly.

4) Inspiring stories of women from all over the world who live in Shanghai and other cities in China  -what made them come here, how their lives and careers were developing and their advice on ‘taming’ China.

5) My travels and travel tips in and around China as well as to other countries!

I believe that that this information will help you acclimatize faster and feel more comfortable – just be the best version of yourself. Once that happens, your all other goals will fulfill in no time!